We want you to come here often as we believe the website is the easiest way to get all of our most up to date interviews, reviews, giveaways and whatever else we’ve come up with recently, but you can keep in touch with us in a whole bunch of different ways…

youtubeCut & Paste creates great interviews, often getting musicians and artists to reveal more of themselves and their process than other media outlets.  We have had a channel on Youtube since 2007 and have more than 11,000 views. You should probably subscribe to us on Youtube.

facebookIf you’re not a fan of us on Facebook..well you can fix that right away.¬†Facebook is important to us it’s a really easy way for people to tell us what they think about what we’re doing as well as sharing photos and their experiences from gigs. We use it as a promotional medium too, which means we give stuff away, like gig tickets and music. Our website sends headlines from our blog to Facebook so most new articles that are posted on the website appear on the Facebook page, but fans should note that there is a delay between the articles being posted on our site and the Facebook page update.

twitterWe like Twitter mostly for the immediacy. Sharing what’s happening as we’re doing it is cool. So you’ll see us posting photos from backstage at gigs, comments from interviews, 140 character mini reviews on the fly. It’s also a good way to find us when we’re at a gig-just tweet us and we’ll be around :)

vimeoWe are also on Vimeo. This service seems to offer better quality and is a bit more “art” oriented. We try and ensure that most of our interviews appear here as well. We created a special channel there to hold our Perth Festival 2010 coverage.

podcastEvery edition of Cut & Paste DVD is available via podcast from iTunes. As well as each DVD we create special podcasts from time to time to bring together our coverage of a specific event.

flickrAlthough we’re kind of new to using Flickr we use it to hold galleries we create from pictures taken at events we host as well as gigs we attend. You’ll also be able to use Flickr to find the gallery of regular contributor Nicole Norelli.